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1000 questions for couples is a book for couples that desire to improve their connection; regardless of the stage that their relationship is at (just starting out, have been going out for a while, in a serious relationship, in a committed relationship or are married). 1000 questions for couples is one of those books that provide practical help to couples and helps them to ask questions that are relevant to understanding each others core values, attitudes, and views on the crucial areas that determine/affect the level of success of a relationship.

1000 Questions For Couples

For those trying to determine their suitability to each other 1000 questions for couples provides a no-frills way to determine this so that you can make an informed decision and you do not get into a relationship that’s full of pitfalls or if you chose to go ahead it helps shed light on problem areas so that you can deal with them.

For those in relationships the 1000 questions for couples provides a guide to understanding each other and thus allows you to get even more intimate with one another. If you are wondering if this book will really help your relationship then you need to remember that real intimacy only begins and grows as couples allow each other to “see” them as they really are. 1000 questions for couples helps couples asks those questions that allow intimacy to develop. The questions are grouped in related topics of personality, feelings and emotions; love, romance and date nights; friends and family; past and future; attractions; hobbies and entertainment; health, food and well being; morals, convictions and beliefs; holidays and celebrations; pets etc.

1000 questions for couples helps couples ask the crucial but often ignored questions that are critical for a couple. According to the author, Michael Webb; one of the biggest reason marriages end in divorce is because couples fail to ask the big questions before they walk down the aisle. 1000 questions for couples helps you ask the big questions and divorce proof your marriage.

"Things You Should Know About Your Partner"

1000 questions for couples allows couples, at all relationship stages, to spend some time asking each other the questions that really matter so that they are able to greatly increase their chances of staying together.

1000 Questions For Couples

Because 1000 questions for couples  is a “question book” it makes it easier for couples to ask the difficult questions and encourages an environment to address them. But if you are wondering; is Michael Webb’s “1000 Questions for Couples” the right book for me? Then I would ask you if you want to ask the really important questions? Do want to unveil and deal with the source of conflict or unease in your relationship instead of fighting or dealing with the symptoms? If your answer is yes then this is the right book for you. Webb has put together a comprehensive collection of questions, covering every single topic you’d ever want to know about. It includes tough subjects like money, children & child rearing, career, past and present relationships, religion, personality and even sex. But it also covers light topics such as the car and driving, wedding and honeymoon and hobbies and entertainment. This will allow you as a couple to start with the easy questions and then build your way to the more difficult questions.

An additional bonus is the delivery of 3 questions to your email each day, making everything automatic. You just go about your normal daily activities and get new questions to answer and also to ask your loved one, without having to really disorganize your day.

1000 questions for couples delivers exactly that and covers every important question you would ever want to ask your loved one.

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