Avoid the Bad Boys, Mr Wrong to Mr Right Review

Reviewer: Rosy Anderson


Website Reviewed: Avoid The Bad Boys-Mr Wrong to Mr Right

This is a practical relationship workbook for a woman and it is written to empower you so that you get your ideal relationship. Avoid the bad boys, Mr Wrong to Mr Right is not a book for light reading but it is a workbook for a woman who is ready to do the work required to have the kind of relationship her heart desires. It is a workbook because you actually have to complete specific exercises after every stage so that you can change your relationship reality.

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Avoid the Bad Boys, Mr Wrong to Mr Right will get you ready to select the right man for you. It is thus not a book about men but about you and it prepares you for the man and relationship that your heart desires. It is a workbook that is divided into 3 parts but with a preliminary part that focuses on an attitude shift that will help you clear any negative energy that may distort your perspective and short out your journey to get what you want.

Part 1 of Avoid the Bad Boys, Mr Wrong to Mr Right is a guide for you so that after you have done the exercises you will be able to attract your ideal relationship. It guides you in a sequential way through a process whereby you are able to clearly define for yourself in detail what  the authors call your relationship essentials. These are what you must have in a relationship when you are honest and true to yourself.

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Part 2 of the workbook is a guide for you so that when you meet your ideal man you will be able to identify him. The exercises in this section enable you to identify your ideal man in terms of ‘how he is packaged’ as well as ‘his inner qualities or the gift (as the author refers to them)’ with an emphasis on the inner qualities to finally get what the author calls ‘mate essentials’. These are what your ideal mate must possess. It also guides you in identifying your ‘intolerable male qualities’ which are those things that you cannot tolerate in a man.

Part 3 of the Avoid the Bad Boys, Mr Wrong to Mr Right workbook is a guide on how to become your dream woman or the best version of your-self. This is the woman that your ideal man would be attracted to and who would be able to have the relationship that you have identified. The initial exercises in this section direct you on a journey to identify where you fall short and works with you to become the best version of yourself as well as to become a woman who relates with grace to all men.

This book is a great weapon in the dating game as it helps you learn about yourself so that you know with crystal clear clarity what it is that you want. This will help you stop wasting time on men who are wrong for you as well as help you identify the right one when he does come along.

Click Here For A Step By Step Guide To Your Ideal Relationship

If you would prefer to listen to this book it has an audio copy so that you can do just that. It also has music to help you relax in the different meditative exercises.

You also receive 4 bonuses with this book;

1. Making him your  match

2. 15 dating mistakes to avoid

3. 9 ways to improve your dating skills

4. Fun questions to ask on your date

I would recommend this book to every woman who is dating as it will help you know for sure what it is that you want and isn’t that half of the dating journey? When you know what you want aren’t you more likely to get it? That’s what this book delivers to you so that you can stop wasting time in dead end relationships or in miss and hit relationships. It will help you target your dating better and then it will help you in dating itself by showing you what to avoid and how to make your dating fun adventurous.

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