Finding Mr. Right

4 Tips On Finding Mr. Right

So the dating world officially sucks and you just want to get over the rituals and find the right guy for yourself. For this to happen, you need to understand that Mr. Right never manifests in a tidy, ribbon-wrapped box. If you equip yourself with the right attitude and are aware that relationships involve hard work once the catch has been reeled in then you’ve won half the battle in finding Mr. Right. Here are other pointers to help you win the other half.

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1} Get over your past. Remaining bitter over pain that your past relationships brought will close the door to any future prospects when it comes to connecting with someone new. Let go and let live. Forgiving yourself is a very powerful thing so don’t swear off men and spend what’s left of your life mopping around in flannels. Keep an open mind instead and allow some faith into the process of finding Mr. Right.

2} Make a checklist. Because finding a healthy relationship with the right guy is about you, you need to sit down and list out exactly what you want your Mr. Right to be. This will involve dredging up past experiences, however bitter they may be and what you expect your Mr. Right to fulfill for you now that you lacked these traits from your previous relationships. First of all, close your eyes and imagine yourself with Mr. Right. Forget the soft, classical music and the sunset scenario and focus instead on lasting qualities like whether he is kind or patient. Sure we all want the exterior of our partners to inspire traffic crashes when we walk on the street but the bottom line remains what’s on the inside. What makes him him. An emotionally sound Mr. Right is better than the superficiality of physical appearances. Define every quality that your Mr. Right should live up to and be realistic about it. This will give you a clear perspective which will in turn focus your search on finding Mr. right and enhance the possibility of getting the connection you want to establish.

3} Will Mr. Right find you attractive? Your checklist may have included the words tall, dark and handsome but how would tall, dark and handsome react when he meets you. Stuffing yourself with cheesecake and forgetting to touch up your perm/makeup are all acceptable rituals in the mourning period following a previous break-up but if you want to make an impression, you’re not allowed to let yourself go. Accepting who you are physically is a good place to start now that we can’t all be lingerie models. Begin by loving every inch of yourself as this will tell others that you are comfortable in your own skin, a trait that, in most cases, Mr. Right will find attractive. Wear clothes that flatter your figure. Exercise and get a makeover if you must because it’s the little things that matter in the end and taking care of yourself will give you the confidence you need to know that you deserve to be with Mr. Right.

4} Judge not.

Let’s be honest here. No one’s perfect. So don’t throw away a potentially good relationship just because the man you thought was Mr. Right came a few qualities too short. Friends and family tend to play a key role in your decision and although that’s a given in most cases, no good can come from discarding a budding relationship just because he failed to live up to all your standards. Being realistic will help you  in finding and keeping Mr.Right even when he doesn’t come in the package you expected or the package comes without all the details you wanted.

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