Finding The Right Guy

Perhaps your relationships begin with all the fanfare and promise of forever before they quickly crush and burn. It’s frustrating, I know, to keep putting yourself out there in search of the right guy but don’t despair yet. There may be no solid formula out there yet to go about snapping up the right man for you but there are a few pointers, which if  you abide by can make finding the right guy happen.

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1} Get a life! And an interesting one at that. You’re alive for a reason so sign up for an activity you know will keep your juices flowing, be it menial or captivating. Ever heard of those couples who never run out of things to say? It’s probably because they actually do have things to talk about. We’ve been given the advantage of molding our own characters so if working with the elderly cultivates patience over your impatient nature then this will serve as an advantage when the right guy comes along as it will factor well into the health of your relationship. It will also help in finding the right guy as a woman with a fulfilling and animated life is attractive.

2} Woman in the mirror! If you have been attracting bad boys, cheats and losers all your life, chances are, there is a reason for this. You need to take a hard look at yourself to understand why this has happened and be honest about it. Maybe it’s your low self-esteem that has allowed you to be treated like a doormat. You will need to work on this. Your appearance could also be another factor. If you look interesting, chances are you are interesting! Finding the right guy means being (or becoming) the right woman as what is in you will attract the same things in guys.

3} Get out there! The right guy will not walk up to your door one day and ring your doorbell as an encore to your everlasting happiness. Actually maybe they will… but what are the odds? You need to put yourself in the deep end of the dating scene if you want to find the right guy for you and with each encounter, keep mental notes on the qualities of the other person that you appreciate until the one who lives up to most of them comes along. In finding the right guy passivity must not be a part of who you are.

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4} What it takes. Because you are responsible for your own happiness, the right guy should measure up to your standards as much as possible. That being said, you need to be completely honest with yourself. Being judge and jury by dismissing everyone who shows interest in you because they lack one negligible facet or another in their character is counterproductive to the overall goal of finding the right guy. Although its advisable to remain cautious and patient in your search, allowing yourself the scary plunge of finding the perfect mate can be an exciting and eye-opening experience that could prove beneficial in the long run.

5} Your heart is your sounding board. So listen to it! Because its essentially what you’ll end up giving up to the other person, the heart has a language of its own and will tell you whether you are making the right decisions as you go along. The search for the right guy can be a daunting process considering the amount of emotions involved but because you want your choice to be a lasting one, be patient with yourself as he is definitely out there, as long as you believe he is.

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