Fix Your Marriage

Is your marriage in trouble? Do you know that your marriage is in trouble? Clues that you’re heading in a crash and burn route would be sleepless nights spent wondering what you can do to return to that time in the past when you only felt bliss and were full of hope in an emotionally secure future. Recognizing that your marriage is in need of repair is the first positive undertaking in the right direction. Realizing that it takes two to create a marriage is another all-important platform that you will need to wake up to as it will require you both to restore the union. Depending on the circumstance that brought about the cracks in your marriage, let’s look at some of the ways that you can fix your marriage.

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1} Frozen marriage!

It’s only natural to experience feelings of escapism and regret in any marriage. But if you allow these feelings to breed and let other elements like work stress or preoccupation with your children to take over your life and relegate your spouse to the background, you’re heading for the pits.

No connection means that you no longer communicate with your spouse enough for them to understand your present feelings and so he has no clue or interest in your future happiness. If you find yourself passing him in the hallway and the look in his eyes deem you strangers; then you need to act fast. Start by finding time to spend alone together. Use these opportunities to talk about the trouble that’s in the marriage. Try to restrain the accusations and anger if you each want to understand each other’s frustrations and resentments that have been building up to bring you to this point. In your bid to fix your marriage, listening is vital as is expressing the truth to each other.

Once you have all these in the open, set about discussing how you can get back in love again and fix your marriage. You can start by expressing your love in other ways that do not necessarily involve the physical aspect of the marriage. You can also commit to improving your individual behavior towards one another e.g. if you are too clingy or if he is too distant, keep this in mind every time you interact and work on getting better. In your journey to fix your marriage, begin with the small things by remembering what it meant to give and receive affection, attention, compassion and compromise.

2} Broken marriage!

No relationship can work if the element of trust is absent or severely damaged. If your marriage has incurred this form of damage, the most common being infidelity, the good news is that it is possible to fix your marriage. But it will require a lot of work. The cheater will have to confess the infidelity and express their genuine regret over the act. If they are willing to restore the marriage, start by forgiving them, hard as it may seem. You may also want to find out why they betrayed your vows as this will allow you to understand why they pulled away in the first place to find someone else.

If you remain suspicious and distrustful of your spouse despite their efforts to be better partners, seek the services of a professional counselor who will empower you to fix your marriage. They may just be the right liaison you need to help you expose your own wounds from the infidelity and come up with workable resolutions in your efforts to fix your marriage.

3} Sexless marriage

The Questions You Must Ask

As much as sex is a key feature of a marriage, its decline at the hands of varying circumstances can damage the most solid of relationships. If this has

happened to your marriage, try to figure out what’s causing the tension or lack of interest between you two. You need to be open and honest here, leaving all shyness at the door so that you can know how to fix your marriage.

Time is also a relevant factor here. No matter what you are both juggling in your daily lives, you need to find the time to reconnect on a physical level for you to be able to fix your marriage. So stop allowing life and its problems to pull you away in several directions and cut off

your spouse, spurring resentment in your marriage. Fixing this aspect of your marriage relationship may not be the overall solution to the problems in your relationship but it’s a step in the right direction.

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