How Men Show Love

5 Ways That Men Show Love

So you’ve been going out with your guy…at least that’s how you think of him… AND he has been really nice to you….AND you have been having a great time together but you’re not altogether sure that he loves you. And you want to know how do men show love? Are the things that your man is doing for you a sign of love? Or is he just being nice?

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A man who is in love with you is fascinated by you and is thrilled at having you in his life. He is enthralled by the whole package of you (body, face, smile, voice, mind etc) and will seek to spend time with you and will prioritize this time over other activities. So here are some ways that men show love;

  1. Men show love by being protective towards the woman they love. He will want to make your life easier by doing things for you like running errands for you, picking you up after work if you need a ride etc.,. He will do this willingly without you having to coerce him.
  2. Another way men show love is by spending time with their woman and giving up or shortening time spent in other activities. Men also work at making you think highly of them although this can sometimes backfire as they may come across as arrogant or controlling as they try to get you to see all their good qualities. They may also give you advice on various issues as they try to show you how knowledgeable and helpful they can be and that can come across as controlling.
  3. Men show love by their tendency to be emotional around you so that you end up seeing the range of all his emotions (anger, frustration, joy, jealousy etc).They will sometimes be irrational in their frustration or anger etc., leaving you puzzled. So if a man is able to keep his emotions in check around you and you have never seen him emotive then you may have a problem. Although degree will vary as some men are less emotive than others.
  4. Men show their love by their incredible jealousy toward other men who may show an interest in you or who may joke about it in their presence. A man’s jealousy especially at the initial stages may be a bit un-nerving before he learns to trust in you and know that you do love him and are not about to

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  5. Men show their love by their tendency to want to provide for you and pamper you although this is affected by culture with some cultures having a greater emphasis on men providing than others. You should of course be careful if after he pays for dinner etc., he expects a favor in return as this is not a sign of love but an exchange of goods and services.

Men show their love mainly by their actions toward you and you need to look at their actions rather than their words. Men often struggle to say emotional stuff especially if they mean it and you need to be better at decoding his actions. In trying to assess his actions you need to look at the effort he is making as an inexperienced man may not do this real well but the key is to follow your gut instinct.  Some men are clumsy and you need to decipher his actions or the motive behind his actions. If he is too smooth and does this real well he may be getting a lot of practice somewhere else with someone else or he has done this before.

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  • How Men Show Love