How To Get A Guy To Notice You

6 Proven Tricks To Get A Guy To Notice You

Very few women have not asked this question at one time or another. And it’s frustrating! They are called crushes for a reason because, really, it often times feels as though we’ve been slammed against the wall every time we come into contact with the guy in question. Fortunately for those in these types of doldrums, there are several ways to get a guy to notice you.

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1} Dress the part. Men are primarily visual creatures and if you want to get a guy to notice you then you need to stand out from the crowd in his eyes, so leave out the skunky wardrobe choices and first find out what he values in his women. If he’s into the conservative type, don’t go reaching for high-halter blouses, especially when they are nearly extinct in this day and age. Depending on his type, use your body to work for you by choosing clothes that flaunt and flatter your figure and definitely draw his attention to you.

2} Surroundings! This is for the ones in school. Thankfully, you have several areas where you can get the guy in question to notice you. If you share the same classes, lend him things. He’ll have to return them back and this will be your opportunity to talk to him and this will be a big boost in your quest to get a guy to notice you. Ask questions and compliment where it’s due to keep the conversation going. Also, be timely about his routine e.g. if you are in the field, talk sports and if you are on the lunch line, talk about your favorite foods and ask about his. There’s no limit to how you can work this one and get a guy to notice you.

3} Be yourself! It’s the safest bet of knowing, once you get together with the guy, that he’s with you for you and not your mutated version. And it minimizes the pressure of trying to live up to the person you created.

4} It’s all about him. That means you have to be around him to get him to notice you. If you run into him, pass on your greetings with the right amount of enthusiasm. If you get into conversation, be appropriately energetic, helpful and concerned where necessary so as to get a guy to notice you. Always ensure to leave a great impression, especially one that says that you’re approachable to allow your next meeting to feel less awkward.

5} Be subtle! This is for those who are in constant contact with the guy and you want to get a guy to notice you. Be it in the workplace or a social setting, you can go about being subtle by always being around him. If you work together, make arrangement to play together. Seeing you in both lights will allow him to get to know you a little better and possibly, your attraction will rub off on him AND you will get a guy to notice you. Ensure that the best side of you is always on display.

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6} Be not so subtle! You can cut to the chase by walking up to him and blurting out your intentions and get a guy to notice you. If you’re lucky, he’ll be the sort of guy attracted to your assertiveness. If you’re a little shy, you can express your feelings by calling him, sending him an email or asking his best friend to be your ambassador. But if you want to be more effective in your bid to get a guy to notice you, ask him out somewhere fun, a place where you can both be comfortable rather than uneasy about the ambush of the whole situation. You can also go all silly and exploit your body language to get a guy to notice you. No harm can come from twirling your hair in his presence or sashaying about suggestively to draw his eyes on your body that hopefully, is appropriately draped in the right outfit.

If you’ve tried all and sundry to get a guy to notice you and the guy is still not falling in line, ask his friends about his feelings for you. He may just be playing hard to get and if that’s the case then you need to hang in there. But if the report is disheartening, move on and try your moves on someone else.

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