How To Save Your Relationship

4 Key Ways To Save Your Relationship

Because relationships require intense emotional investment from those involved, the impact of one dissolving feels worse than the sinking of the Titanic. Even more depressing is the time wasted in the building of this commitment. If your relationship is marred by red flags, the easiest decision to make is to end it and move on. But if you feel that it’s worth working it out then steps have to be taken to save your relationship. Chances are, if you work hard enough, you may be able to restore the bond that first got you together with the bonus of rising to a greater emotional commitment than you had previously. But first, let’s go through the following.

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1} Realize that something’s changed. This should be easy. It’s the precursor of the stress and pressure you’re experiencing with the descent of the relationship. ‘The love is gone!’ is a better lingo to describe this time and you will notice this in the way you communicate with your partner, be it verbally or physically. The hurt experienced due to a missing element that once had your relationship labeled solid will find you both emotionally retracting, sending strong vibes of an imminent breakup. To save your relationship you must be honest with yourself!

2} Are you willing to put in the work? When it comes down to it, this is the question that you need to ask yourself then your partner. Do you want to save your relationship? Do you both want the relationship restored? And the truth will hurt as you search for answers to these questions. If your partner is vehement about leaving when you want to make it work then you’ll have to let it go. But if you both agree that there have been bumps on your road and you want to return to the sizzle that marked out the beginning phase of your relationship, what’s to stop you from getting down to it?. Relationships are hard work. Drum this in as you list out the areas that you think are in need of improvement or those that need to be discarded. Compromise will also have to feature prominently in this stage. Surprisingly, you may rekindle your lost connection as communication lines are opened. Be as honest to yourself and to the other person as possible so as to save your relationship .

3} Don’t shun the professionals. Your relationship may have reached the wall and with no room to breathe, misguided advice from friends and family may lead to the premature end of the relationship that you both wanted to save. They may have been the butt of several jokes but professional counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists and a whole lot of ‘psychs’ can be the fresh insight you need to save you relationship. They are certified emotional experts and have the expertise to guide you through your rough patches.

4} Focus on your progress. Now that both your concerns regarding the reasons behind your failing relationship have been put on the table, so to speak, your memory will have to play a key role here. If your partner, say, stated that you are a poor listener, keep this in mind every time you communicate and work on improving your listening skills. Remember, there’s no wand that can be waved to save your relationship. It’s a work in progress and if you have recommitted to patching things up then it will feel like effortless energy you’re rendering that will eventually prove satisfying.

Click Here For The Guide On How To Rekindle Your Relationship;  Men Made Easy Handbook

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