How To Win A Guy Over

7 Simple Steps To Win A Guy Over

There’s nothing worse than experiencing flying sparks in the presence of the man you’re into only to have him remain at bay no matter what antics you resort to in winning him over. You may have completed the steps and chanted the chants that you’ve been told are foolproof methods of reeling him to your side but have you really done the following in your intention to win a guy over?

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1} He must be the right guy. And that’s a given! As you seek to win a guy over you want that guy to belong to you and you alone so what’s the point if he’s attracted to or with another woman? Ensure that he is available for your wiles before you bombard him with them to prevent any unnecessary pain and heartache.

2} Be yourself! And leave out all the pretenses as you work your magic to win over a guy. If you laugh with a snort and he’s still in the picture then be assured that he wants to be there. Don’t try too hard every time he’s around and he will also find it easier to relax in your company and open up more, setting the stage for a very interesting game.

3} Have something in common. At least, to help keep the communication lines open as you go to work to win a guy over. If it’s a particular hobby of his that you can learn under a short period of time then sign up for it. If he’s smart, he’ll take notice of your effort and use it as a means to spend more time with you and if you’re lucky, mesh your interests together. This step will move your objective to win a guy over very far.

4} Be passionate! About your life’s choices, that is. It’s a really appealing quality that men find about their women so concentrate on yourself and your ambition or your achievements and he may just come knocking on your door. To win a guy over, you must have a great life of your own! Try and have an intelligent opinion every time he asks for it and laugh at your failures but not so much that he’ll avoid you for being a whiny complainer.

5} Don’t be too available! Allow him to chase you no matter how much in love you are with him. Resist the overwhelming temptation to always respond with the affirmative every time he asks you to do something for him. He’ll be intrigued by elusiveness and go to work trying to get your attention. Being too available puts a big bump on your road to win a guy over.

6} The now. The problem with women is that one smile from the guy we are after and we are dreaming up our retirement years with him. If you want to win a guy over, try and leave talk of the future at the door. You can think it, write it down in your journal but don’t give him any clue that you have big plans for your relationship if you don’t want to scare him off. Just enjoy the moment which will lead to other great moments and maybe, just maybe, great memories during those eventual twilight years together.

7} Lure him. That sounds sinister, doesn’t it but it’s only symbiotic to the topic at hand. Men can be daft sometimes and you will need to go all out to get his attention and win him over. Invite him over for a killer dinner. Flirt every time you meet up and use your body language to the maximum. Turn on your feminine charm by dressing the part every time, keeping your hair and hygiene in check. If the chemistry is just right, the pheromones will do the rest and you will win a guy over.

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