Relationship Compatibility Test

4 Simple Relationship Compatibility Test Traits

‘Opposites attract’ is a mantra that has been stuffed down our throats for years. ‘Love is blind’ is yet another chant that I’d like to hear less of. But you have to agree that we all know one or two couples who, for the life of Pete, you would never have imagined together yet somehow and someway, they’ve managed to make it work. So what is a good relationship compatibility test? There’s nothing worse then investing emotionally in a relationship only to realize down the line that there are no returns thanks to your incompatibility. You’d have wasted months or even years on someone instead of being in the arms of the right man for you.

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So how can you go about determining your compatibility? What is a good relationship compatibility test? You’ll develop a migraine like I did when you realize just how many ‘formal’ tests are out there to help you along. There’s the Zamora personality test, the Horoscope test, the Jung test . . . If you’re after simplicity like me, start by assessing the following.

1} Fundamental relationship compatibility test. Outlining the basics of what your want your potential man to be will save you time and energy. This centers on the obvious like his age, race, career choice e.t.c  These are areas that should be important to you and no one else as they allow you to gauge relationship compatibility and give you a long term perspective on your relationship’s destiny with the anticipation that your needs, whether socially, intellectually, physically or culturally will consistently be met.

2} Physical relationship compatibility test. I’m talking forgetting your name, sweaty palms, the works. The myth is that all women are after the stereotypical tall, dark and handsome type. That’s not true. One woman may prefer the spectacle-wearing geek while another gets off on the burly, wrestler type. Whatever gets your juices flowing, this initial reaction should inspire what is proverbially referred to as chemistry. Chemicals in your body do actually respond to your visual stimulation, overwhelmingly proving to be a precursor of your relationship compatibility. So if you’re a klutz around him or you notice every little thing about him, chances are those butterflies in your stomach are nudging you in the right direction.

3} Personality relationship compatibility test! I’m yet to know of a daredevil who dates a hermit. One way or another, there will be a lopsided shift in that relationship leading to resentment down the line. Although we tend to be cautious at the beginning of the dating ritual, as you get to know one another, you become more comfortable in each other’s company bringing to the surface other facets of your personality. If he has a temper or is a poor listener or he wants to hit the clubs when you just want to stay home and cuddle, this should be the warning flags you need that he may just not be the man for you. Striking the right balance in the name of compromise can be tricky but it’s important that you’re often on the same page for relationship compatibility.

4} Tri-factor relationship compatibility test. And by that I mean your spiritual, physical and social relationship compatibility. Does he believe in a higher power? Does he consider the same holidays sacred as you do? For those seeking a spiritual connection, this is an important determinant of your relationship. Keep in mind that very few relationships with interposing religious views last.

Physical relationship compatibility is a prerequisite of a successful relationship. Your initial attraction should flawlessly transcend into the bedroom when the time comes, allowing you to experience the same heady feeling when he has clothes on. Social relationship compatibility tends to be the most flexible of these factors as it is open to change depending on your immediate environment. If you grew up in a conservative home and are attracted to a social maniac, chances are you will be turned into one yourself. And it’s not such a bad thing.

Knowing your relationship compatibility ratio will spare you a lot of heartache in the long run. There are no perfect human beings out there so don’t go all manic in your search. The bond formed from your relationship compatibility will see you through tough times in the future. So trust your heart. And your gut.

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