Signs Of A Bad Marriage

7 Signs Of A Bad Marriage

Cinderella was a liar. She promised all women a charming prince and a happy ever after. And it’s what many people expect of their marriages only to experience some form of ‘culture shock’ when they discover that their marriage isn’t quite turning out the way they’d fantasized it to be. Most bumps can be worked out if each spouse is willing to make the effort but some bumps turn out to be the Everest’s of pain, hurt and anger. Here are some of the signs that define a bad marriage.

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1} The end of the thrill. It’s unfortunate that most people expect to derive eternal bliss from their spouses. The reality is, nothing lasts forever and most couples choose to live at the level of mutual love, respect and understanding with this knowledge. But if your intimacy is gone to the point where you can’t stand to be in the same room let alone share a bed then that is one of the signs of a bad marriage.

2} Show me the money. This is where there is no trust whatsoever in regard to the distribution of your finances. Bills are overdue yet his Porsche is parked in the driveway with a recurring disagreement about it. Withholding paychecks, thrift spending, stinginess and other nasty incidences revolving around money have unfortunately risen in the ranks as to why many marriages are considered bad these days. Financial secrecy and dishonesty are signs of a bad marriage.

3} Mutes. Communication, communication, communication is the marriage equivalent of business’s location, location, location! If you do not talk to your spouse, how are you supposed to know what’s going on with him? If you are not at liberty to share your hopes, dreams, desires, thoughts and ideas with your spouse, then that is one of the signs of a bad marriage. Over-communicating’s relate-able definition is nagging and if you have been accused of being one, yes the nasty nag…. then that is another of the signs of a bad marriage.

4} Liar. And we’re not talking about coming home late because it was raining when he was catching a few with the boys. If you or your spouse has mastered the art of lying then that is one of the signs of a bad marriage. There can be no trust without honesty, which in turn sets off a chain reaction that results in a loving relationship. Mistrust on the other hand snowballs into either a miserable or an emotionally stagnant liaison. So if you are withholding information that you know your spouse should be apprised of then that’s a red flag and one of the signs of  a bad marriage.

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5} Love don’t live here anymore. If you’re spending more time away from the spouse with work, friends and other commitments as your reason, your marriage is in trouble. Your connection to your spouse can only be maintained and nurtured if you are sending adequate time together. Avoidance is one of the signs of a bad marriage.

6}Pointless arguments . There is constructive conflict within ‘typical’ marriages and then there are just plain ‘ol fights. And over the silly stuff. If you feel under appreciated by your spouse no matter what you do or what steps you take to improve your marriage then be warned, you could be on the quick sand….one of the quick fire signs of a bad marriage. Also take account of the manner in which he communicates to you and the tone of voice he uses. If he talks down to you in a condescending tone of voice then that could be one of the signs of a bad marriage.

7} Bad habits. This is the more obvious one. There are good habits and there are those that destroy many seemingly solid marriages. Alcoholism, gambling and drug abuse, be it recreational or medical, are just some of the many apparent and observable signs of a bad marriage.

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