Sure Signs He Likes You

15 Sure Signs He Likes You

So you’re tempted to play the daisy flower game of he likes me, he likes me not. Though it’s a very juvenile way to go, it’s been said to be right on the money by many women in their attempt to determine exactly whether a guy likes them or not. You may also be clueless to the man’s feelings towards you thanks to preconceived notions about men in general. The good news is that men are more often than not open books and there are some sure signs he likes you, whether subtle or not, that will let you in on whether they like you. Let’s take a look at a few.

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1} It’s in the eyes. As eyes are often linked to what’s going on in the soul, frequent eye contact with you is usually right up the ally of his feelings towards you. From across the proverbial room to whenever he’s close to you, he can’t seem to take his eyes away from you …one of the sure signs he likes you!

2} Talk. Another of the sure signs he likes you, is that he wants to talk to you. Be it in the dead of night or at the crack of dawn, he gives you an excuse just so that he can hear your voice, seeking out your perspectives on what’s going on in his life or on any old thing.

3} Time! He’s spending an unusual amount of time with you commonly referred to as hovering, the guy in question will suddenly be in your life more than he was before, using one excuse or another to come around to where you are. Another of the sure signs he likes you and which is usually the most common giveaway of his feelings.

4} Mr. Smiley! He’s smiling a lot at you and for no particular reason. Don’t freak out when this happens. He’s probably also beating himself up for doing it so cut him some slack because he can’t seem to help it. You make him happy… another of the sure signs he likes you.

5} Touch! Another of the sure signs he likes you is that he touches you under innocent scenarios like holding your hand as you cross the street or brushing back an unruly strand of hair from your face . . . As he is gauging your reaction, if you reciprocate or encourage his touch, he will probably become bolder. But if you don’t share his feelings and recoil from his touch, be sure that he won’t be attempting it again. If he crosses the line when it comes to touch then he’s feelings are not genuine and he has other outcomes of your contact in mind.

6} His friends and family! An addition of the sure signs he likes you is that he introduces you to his family and friends in a time period that you think is too soon. He is doing this because he has faith in his feelings that you’re the one he wants to be with and wants to share them with his loved ones.

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7} His new interests! He’s taken up things that you’re interested in, like listening to your favorite music or watching your favorite flicks. This another of the sure signs he likes you and wants to share your life and the things you like.

8} You! Another of the sure signs he likes you is that he is treating you differently from his other female friends.

9} His friends! An often ignored of the sure signs that he likes you is that you are a familiar name among his friends and when you come around, they tease him about you or they know you even though you cannot remember having met them before.

10} Talks himself up! This is often one of the misinterpreted sure signs that he likes you. He’s building a reputation for himself every time he talks to you. It’s not exactly bragging about his achievements but this can also mean that’s he’s done some homework on you and knows what type of guys you are attracted to. He’s only saying these things to put him into contention for your heart.

11}. Gifts! He sends you gifts that lean more on the romantic side than the practical aspect. This another of the sure signs he likes you and that he wants you to think romantically of him.

12} Your pet name! He calls you using a pet name that only he uses.

13} Favors’ for you! He’s doing favors for you that he wouldn’t ordinarily do for anyone else, going out of the way to get something done for you that you had in no way expected. This is one of the pleasant but sure signs he likes you.

14} Notices you. He notices the slightest changes about you like your trimmed hair or a change of fashion sense and compliment’s you about it.

15} Body language is another clincher of whether a guy likes you. If you are seated and he’s seated next to you in a position that is leaning towards you or if he always stands closer to you when you’re in a group setting, a giveaway of the sure signs that he likes you. Body language speaks a lot on a guy’s behalf when he’s too tongue tied to tell you of his feelings.

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