The 3 Main Reasons Why A Man Cheat’s On His Wife

Cheating in marriage has been in existence for as long as marriages have existed although the definition of cheating has changed somewhat as cultures have evolved and changed. In cultures and eras where polygamy was (and still is in some cases) acceptable than cheating by men was minimized as the definition of cheating was totally different since a man could not cheat with a woman who he married. So a man just married any single woman who caught his fancy and thus didn’t need to go ‘outside his marriages’ and so according to that definition he was ‘faithful’ to all his wives. The occurrence of polygamy (more than one wife) and the incidental occasional of polyandry (more than one husband) in some societies and periods of history thus made cheating, as we define it today, acceptable. But in our current society and time where marriage to more than one person at the same time is unacceptable what are the 3 main reasons why a man cheat’s on his wife?

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1. The man himself. One of the main reasons why a man cheats on his wife is because of what he believes and his mindset about cheating.

a. If a man’s core belief is that infidelity is not a big deal or that as long as his wife doesn’t know won’t then it won’t hurt her or that cheating is not a deal breaker or that cheating doesn’t irreversibly ruin a relationship. Then a man with such a belief and mindset is liable to cheat on his wife when the situation permits him to do so.

b. A man with a risqué-rule-breaking-attitude and who seeks to break every rule that has been set is more likely to cheat on his wife as he will be driven by the desire to test the fidelity rules in marriage just as he tests and breaks the social rules and norms in society. Does your husband break rules and regulations with impunity and sees nothing wrong with it? Then he is more likely to cheat on you.

c. Has he decided in his heart that he will be faithful to you? And it is not if he has he said it but has he made the decision that infidelity is a path that he will never tread? Does he conduct himself in a way that makes you know that infidelity is a no-go with him? Or does he flirt shamelessly so that you are unsure whether you can trust him when he is away from you? Look at his behaviour to determine if he has made a vow of fidelity to you not just verbally but also behaviourally.

2. Who you are as his wife. The unpleasant fact is that you as his wife play a great role in how he treats you and whether or not he will cheat on you.

a. A wife who does not treat herself well and who does not carry herself in such a way as to clearly communicate to others that she expects to be treated well is setting herself up for bad treatment. If a wife allows her husband to disrespect her in his speech, actions and behaviour and does not put a halt to the behaviour then she unknowingly and involuntarily gives him permission to push on with his bad behaviour which may involve infidelity.

b. A wife who has made it abundantly clear to her husband that infidelity is a deal breaker is less likely to be cheated on compared to a wife who has assumed that her husband is going to faithful to her without ever discussing the issue with him but instead regardless of who knows without a shadow of doubt that infidelity is a deal breaker. A wife who assumes that her and her husband has the same belief and attitude toward infidelity may be surprised to discover that that is far from the truth.

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3. Your relationship. Another reason why a man cheats is that he believes that the relationship has hit a dead end and he simply cannot see a way out.

a. If the relationship degenerates so that a man no longer feels safe, affirmed, applauded and appreciated at home then he will invariably look outside of the relationship for these. And cheating tends to be the order of the day as he will feel pushed and justified in looking for an alternative to you.

b. If intimacy has died and the sex is bad or he has to keep asking for it as you are no longer interested in it for whatever reason then a man may cheat in his search for it. Sex is crucial to a happy and fulfilled marriage and if for any reason you repeatedly reject him then he may look for someone who will be interested in him.

A man will cheat on his wife due to these 3 main reasons and if you want to avoid the reality of cheating then make sure that you stem the potential problem before it has occurred. To do this you should make sure that you chose the right man, that you are the right woman and that you have the right relationship and then you can be assured of keeping infidelity away from your home front.

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