Why Men Cheat On Their Girlfriends

5 Reasons Why Men Cheat On Women

Why do men cheat on their girlfriends? Hmm! Never has there been a question that has baffled the masses like this one. You’ve seen it with your favorite celebrities, gorgeous women who, despite their enviable attributes, are still unable to keep their boyfriends in check. Numerous smart women have tried to understand this phenomenon yet the problem remains classified as the number one reason why most relationships break up. What’s even more shocking is the type of women the man cheats on you with and the proverbial intern comes into mind. Endless studies have been conducted on this subject but going to the source itself is a better bet of understanding this phenomenon of why men cheat on their girlfriends.

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1} It’s in my genes, babe ! And they go on to state that biology is on their side. Philanderers are known to pass on the habit down to the next generation and although studies are yet to lock down this reason as fact, you have to agree that some men just can’t seem to keep it in their pants. This excuse has also been sited by those who say that they cheat because they can get away with it. Men cheat on their girlfriends because they can do it and get away with it (either she won’t find out or he thinks that even if she does she will not do anything drastic like leave him)!

2} It’s just sex. That’s one fantastic lie. In the majority of the cases where men cheat on their girlfriends and dismiss the act to be meaningless sex once they are caught, let it be said here and now that it’s not just sex and it does mean something. Contrary to popular belief, men are not as macho as they present themselves to be. They are in fact pouters and need to rank high on your list of priorities. So when men cheat on their girlfriends and engage in this ‘meaningless’ act, he is experiencing feelings of inadequacy and invalidation. It’s a cry for help without mincing many words. Notice how these flings are in most instances, with less attractive women. It’s because he wants to be with someone who basically expects nothing from him, giving him some power surge that temporarily sets aside his feelings of under-appreciation that he gets from you.

Ladies, it’s not necessarily your fault that he went out there looking for something else. You’ll also be surprised to learn that cheating does cross a man’s mind from time to time, no matter how solid the relationship is. If a woman rescinds on her role in the relationship in one form or another, these thoughts become more serious to the men leading the men to cheat on their girlfriends eventually.

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3} You bug me! Yes, as women, we are natural nags and familiarity always breeds this unattractive trait that leads men to cheat on their girlfriends. If you are constantly on his back tearing him down over one thing or another, chances are that as pressure builds due to a lack of emotional connection with you, then he is bound to cheat on you eventually. Men need constant attention, admiration and appreciation and he will find this elsewhere if he doesn’t get this from you.

4} I’m bored. It is said that an affair brings about its own thrill. Once your relationship has lost its initial flair and comes to a plateau-like rest, knowing each other’s routine down to a tee tends to remove the adventurousness from your relationship. Most men can’t stand that giving them the drive to cheat on their girlfriends. They need their lives to be less predictable and if they are not finding it in your relationship, they will look for it elsewhere. The fact that it’s a game that allows them to make up their own rules only adds to the excitement of cheating.

5} Good ‘ol ego. And men have that in plenty. If the man has managed to fulfill all his ambitions including the perfect relationship with you, he will tend to think of himself as a sort of demi-god who can get any woman he wants. Unfortunately, he can and often does get any woman he wants as most men in the public glare (politicians, celebrities etc) have proven because women can’t seem to help the draw of the all-powerful man. Successful men seem to have a greater drive to cheat on their girlfriends!

There’s also the question of you being the more successful partner in your relationship. Not many men can appreciate your achievements over, their own and to find vindication for their bruised egos, they tend to cheat. Bruised ego’s open a men to cheating on their girlfriends.

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